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Sasha Banks, DVM

Chief of Staff

Education: Bachelor of Science – Animal Science, University of
Tennessee, 2009; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of
Tennessee, 2013

Dr. Sasha Banks began practicing at Christina Animal Hospital in
2015.  Following vet school, she initially moved to Montana to
work at a rural mixed animal practice.  While there, she worked on
cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and whatever else came through the
door.  After multiple frigid winters, she and her husband decided
to move to warm and sunny Florida, and have been here ever
since!  Her interests include internal medicine, dentistry,
oncology, and building strong relationships with her patients and
In her spare time, Dr. Banks enjoys cooking, running, biking,
fishing, watching Tennessee football and baseball, and spending
time with her husband, their two daughters and their three dogs –
Layla, Roobey, and Minnie Pearl.

Dr. Sasha Banks, DVM