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Gracie Grey, CAT

Gracie came to us with impeccable qualifications, and joined our staff in 2015! Confident, sweet, easy going, and CUTE, her job description has evolved over the months. Besides supervising the technicians, she heads up quality control in the food room, as well as stalking the reception desk!

You will find Gracie on our Facebook page, where she graciously indulges us taking photos of her for every occasion. She never complains, but the look on her face reflects how truly disgusted she is!

Because of her increasing duties and “purrfect” attendance, she asked for a raise recently. We were happy to oblige by getting her a kitty condo, which she appreciates greatly. You can find Gracie napping in the top tower at all hours of the day. Gracies hobbies are “feline” the love from everyone, taking short walks up and down the hallways, daydreaming in front of a sunny window, and taking a lot of “meowy” naps.